About Resonant Electronics 

Resonant has the privilege of selection in Top 10 ESDM Start Up's in India. In addition, we have been selected as Top 3 Innovators at Switch Global Expo 2016 held in Gujarat


We bring unique abilities of designing a complete technology solution by  integrating strong domain expertise across Electronic System Design, Embedded Software Development & Application Software Development.


Our Directors bring a collective 28 years of rich global, corporate experience in Technology (U.S. , U.K. , Europe, & South East Asia) & IT Enabled Services, which gives us the ability to synergise development & service verticals.


To provide high quality advanced technology solutions at competitive prices.

Over the next 3 years, become a recognised cost effective provider of Energy Audit & Control System, Passenger Information System & Capactive Touch Panel Solutions.

Industry Trends...

ESDM Industry Primed For India's Growing Electronics Market

India’s electronics manufacturing industry is valued at US $94.2 billion; it grew at 9.68 percent year-on-year between 2011 and 2015. A rise in disposable incomes, strong consumer appetite and demand from the Indian government has largely driven this growth.

By 2020, the demand for electronics hardware in India is projected to increase to USD 400 billion, driven by the growing convergence of information, communication, and entertainment

India Energy Outlook


India is set to contribute more than any other country to the projected rise in global
energy demand, around one-quarter of the total,  even so, energy demand per capita in
2040 is still 40% below the world average.


India’s urbanisation is a key driver of energy trends: an additional 315 million people –
almost the population of the United States today – are expected to live in India’s cities
by 2040 which calls for Energy Efficiency as a major part of the Energy Strategy.

Our Last EVENT

Resonant was exhibiting at TiE Global Summit 2017 held in New Delhi showcasing the Energy Audit & Control System

Other In-House Products



Real picture of a capacitive touch panel specifically created for a customized requirement for one of our client.

Zigbee Module


Real picture of a customized Zigbee Module created for a specific application for one of our products.

Sustainable Urban Transport


Indian cities are witnessing tremendous population growth, spatial evolution of residential and employment concentrations, resulting in a significant change in how people move. As the mobility needs of the population change, it is important that the transport system responds effectively. Most initiatives have focused on upgrading and modernising services through the quality of the fleet or utilisation of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) components